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Ministry Meeting Room Request


PLEASE NOTE: This form is to reserve a room for a ministry meeting, not for an event, e.g. a PreK-K Teachers curriculum meeting. To propose an "event" for approval, please call the office at 609.399.4747, so that someone can assist you with that process - thank you.


Please fill out this form to the best of your ability:


Ministry Name / Category (ex. Women's, Men's, Youth, etc.)*
Ministry Leader *
First Name
Last Name
Ministry Leader Contact # (ex. 609.555.1212)*
Meeting Leader Email Address (ex. john@mysite.com)*
Meeting Title*
What is the ministry goal of this meeting? *
Please explain how this meeting accomplishes the ministry goal above: *
Meeting Description: Please give us as much detail about this event as you can - who do you expect to attend and any special setup needs: *
Please list meeting date or dates if this is a multi-day event, and corresponding times: *
Please select all areas you are requesting for your meeting: *
How many people are you expecting to have in attendance? *
Will you need the Production Crew's assistance? (Audio/Video training will be provided. A volunteer from your ministry is expected to run the equipment during your event.) *
Will you need office / administration assistance? *